Making a Difference

Our programming has been acclaimed as second to none yielding return, self empowerment, and and overall positive impact within the sickle cell disease community.  We thrive in meeting the needs of the community, our clinical counter parts, and working with other community partners as we know and understand that we CANNOT fight this battle alone. 


Creators of a National Men Living Well With Sickle Cell Panel Discussion

 Creators of FEAR: The truth behind clinical trials and studies

Trained & Mentored Individual Ambassadors for Sickle Cell across the country

Est Sickle Cell Alliance Network of Texas (SCAN Texas) - A Collaborative Movement


Est Sickle Cell Houston Walk for the city to celebrate sickle cell awareness in Sickle Cell Awareness Month


Texas Southern University becomes sickle cell ambassador site 

Est and named the Houston Sickle Cell Collaborative under directive of the Houston Health Department


Est  integrative CBO sickle cell model while consulting 

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