Our Vision

Founded and headquartered in Houston, Texas; we are, and have always served as Houston’s premier full service Sickle Cell Disease Community Based Organization that set the tone in integrative modeling which has capture the eyes and hearts of many.  Our programming is aimed at achieving healthier outcomes for individuals living with the rare genetic disorder and the entire family dynamic that's impacted by sickle cell disease.  

Sickle Cell Association of Houston is committed to excellence and is staffed with qualified professionals that can best and successfully support the sickle cell population while providing an unmatched level of service. 



We have been recognized across the country in our efforts that yields an impactful result for the sickle cell community. Our commitment is to the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area; as we hold ourselves accountable for those we wholeheartedly serve and to ensure that they can indeed live without limits!


           Treating the Whole Person

Here at Sickle Cell Association of Houston, we've taken on a more broader approach in the way  we connect with those living with the rare genetic disorder. We look at what they are facing, and what their daily lives are like,  so that we can best meet the need of the whole person rather than focus on their medical diagnosis. 

        We find that partnering with patients in their health care rather than emphasizing medical adherence;  provides greater insight into the human being, their circumstances, and challenges which helps us in best supporting them in achieving healthier outcomes.


Sickle Cell Association of Houston, Inc. proudly serves as an independent all women owned and operated minority business.  We are NOT a chapter, member, or an affiliate of any other community based organization within the state of Texas past or present.