Sickle Cell Association of Houston takes pride in their most recent advocacy efforts not only to better the lives of those in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area, but for Texans living with sickle cell disease. It is with great honor, that our organization served as lead advocacy strategist working hands on with our State Legislators yielding the passage of FOUR sickle cell related bills during the 86th Texas Legislative Session.


       The organization is no stranger to advocacy as they started making the change within their local city as they understood all too well, necessary change was critical and needed to happen immediately. 

Please check out a few of their additional efforts: 



 Worked hand in hand with Senator Borris Miles and Representative Jarvis Johnson along with many others,  leading to the passage of four sickle cell related bills. FIRST TO EVER BE DONE IN TEXAS! one of which was a bipartisan effort


 Rcvs State recognition for sickle cell disease advocacy


Est.  Houston Sickle Cell Awareness Day

City of Houston officially recognizes Sickle Cell Awareness Month


Est. to raise awareness for sickle cell disease


Mayoral Proclamation Advocacy in Houston, Texas

Receives Congressional recognition for Service in areas of sickle cell disease


Our organization is responsible for the establishment of the Houston Sickle Cell Collaborative via Houston Health Department

Launches Ambassador Program