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The Ultimate Sickle Cell Gifting Guide

If you haven’t started already, now is a great time to start shopping for your loved one who may have sickle cell anemia. There are a lot of awesome artists, designers and small business owners who are making and selling great sickle cell awareness products. Here, we’ve created a list of selective gifting options to consider while you’re doing your Christmas shopping.

Burgundy Ribbon Boxing Glove Necklace, RockYourCauseJewelry (Etsy)

This Burgundy Ribbon Boxing Glove Necklace is the perfect necklace for your friend, family member or coworker who loves accessories. The silver and burgundy pair well with a variety of styles and color pairings. In addition to the burgundy ribbon, the boxing charm is the perfect statement accessory that visually communicates what having sickle cell can feel and look like. RockYourCauseJewelry is a small etsy brand who focuses on creating meaningful and aesthetically engaging jewelry pieces.

Stay with Me: A novel by Ayobami Adebayo

Ayobami Adebayo is a college-educated West African writer, born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her award-wining novel “Stay with Me: A novel,” was as a bestselling debut and won awards such as the 9mobile Prize for Literature in 2019. The novelist’s bestselling book was inspired by her life as someone who has had to live with sickle cell. Much of the literature surrounding sickle cell anemia is largely non-fiction, primarily consisting of scientific and self-help rhetoric that while important, can be quite redundant. This novel helps to engage the readers in a much different context and is a must-read for those interested in fiction.

Hope - Sickle Cell Art T-Shirt, Sickle Cell Pain Awareness Art Prints (Zazzle)

This Sickle Cell Art T-Shirt is one of the coolest sickle cell awareness shirts around! For that loved one who may not want their awareness apparel to be so conspicuous, this is a great pick. Someone who isn’t aware of the disease may think it’s just another cool, artsy shirt. Sickle Cell Pain Awareness Art Prints has other customizable options that you can shop on

Sickle Cell Awareness Art Adult Cloth Face Mask, Sickle Cell Pain Awareness Art Prints

The face mask is currently one of the most popular accessories due to COVID-19. Many artists have actually gotten very creative with their designs, most notably through strategic, purposeful and intentional messaging. You can almost find a face mask for anything. This Sickle Cell Awareness Art Adult Cloth Face Mask is a surefire way to make sure that it gets worn. The way things are looking, one can never have too many masks.

If you’re interested in any additional sickle cell awareness gifts and apparel, I highly recommend looking on Etsy, Zazzle and other digital retailers. Try your best to support small business owners amid all of the political and economic uncertainty within our current state of affairs. Fortunately, most of the designers who are making this type of merchandise are small business owners, so you shouldn’t have an issue. Shop these gifts and make someone’s Christmas all the more merry!

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