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That Must Have H2O

Often times growing up, our parents often provided us with lots of water especially during Summer months. I can honestly say that in my earlier years, as I'm sure many within the sickle cell community can agree is that it was a heavy task as a kid and DEFINITELY as a teen. Today, I am learning that mom knows best! Did you know that water not only makes up majority of our body weight, but it rids our body of waste, helps with brain function, regulates your body temperature, and even protects your joints and tissue by helping with the lubrication.

Did you know that some of our fruits and vegetables have high water content?

Cucumber (96% water)
Zucchini (95% water),
Watermelon (92% water)
Grapefruit (91% water).

Let's challenge ourselves to consume the recommended glasses of water per day!


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