The Texas Trio

The House   The Senate   The CBO 

The harder you work towards achieving a common goal as a team, the greater your chances of being successful.  Achieving legislative victories wouldn't have been possible without our team, and support from our legislators.

                 BILL 3394


 An act Relating to the issuance of sickle cell disease awareness specialty license plates

BILL 3405

 An act relating to the establishment of a sickle cell task force

                Bill 1564

An act relating to access to certain medication assisted treatment 

                 HCR 117

Designating September as Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month in  Texas

It was with great honor and pleasure to serve as the Texas Advocacy Strategy Community Based Organization providing our knowledge of the community, collaborating with key stakeholders for a unified voice for sickle cell disease in Texas.

President, Tonya Prince testifies before Senate Health and Human Services Committee (position 01:05:00 ) 

President, Tonya Prince and Board Member and Advocate Phillip Okwo testify (position 01:19:00)

take a look at your state

While celebrating the success in Texas.  It is important to highlight the following states for successfully passing sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait related bills